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There are two kinds of home inspectors. The ones on a list given you to pick from with just enough names (3-4) to make it look like you have a independent selection. These are hand picked because they depend on the referer for work and become sales facilitators. Like all professions or trades, the majority are rather mediocre. A percentage are spectacularly bad. An even smaller percentage are very, very good.

Inspectors in Texas are not required to be ICC building and mechanical code certified and the ones on the list are generally not. They are not required to have building experience. Their only qualification may be to have a SupraKey and not find any problems that would affect the sales transaction.


How To Recognize A Soft Home Inspection Report here


Business License

No Experience Necessary From any Industry or Past Job

Not Required to be ICC Certified which

No knowledge of codes, disavows all codes in inspections. No basis of Opinion.

{Texas Standards of Practice General Provisions 535, Oct. 2009 - These standards better reflect current codes and standards which form the basis of the inspection standards.}


Could be one of the sub-contractor inspectors of an inspector that performs volume inspections as a sales facilitator. Money is the usul goal. Could be a newbie with a license but, no substance.




Uses Basic Texas Form with more disclaimers than substance.


Opinions only based on limited own knowledge to not upset the sale


Might be a member of a trade association, "certified" only as a funded member of that association as long as dues are paid.






2 - 8 hr. classes a year for license

Can be an Affiliate Member of the ICC for $50 yr. , display its logo but is not code certified. Affilitate membership is a revenue stream.

Business License

Commonly, Years of Homebuilding Experience

 ICC Combination Building Code Certified (Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing)

Recognized by Federal, State and City as the only recognized credential. Code certification required by lenders, insurance companies, the courts and for city, state and federal inspectors as a minimum.

Independent due to the very small percentage of qualified knowledgeable inspectors able to meet expert witness status.




References code and standards as basis of professional opinion; footnotes

Uses Basic Texas Form; includes many references or opinions. Able to identify the limitation of isual inspections and report to you for protection.

Certified Member of International Code Council. Recognized by Federal,State and City as the only recognized credential.

Member of a Statewide Trade & National Association.

Years of Education and Testing. Self funded. expense and credentials.

2- 8 yr classes a year for license.

24 hr. classes a year for statewide association; 24 hr. a year for national association.

Is a Member of ICC and Certified.; fees based on certifications and membership.

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